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The nursery recognises that working in partnership with parents is of major value and importance to the nursery in enabling the staff to provide a happy, caring and stable environment for children. We aim to form an excellent relationship with parents so that information regarding children (be it development, social or health related) can be exchanged easily and comfortably by nursery staff and parents.


The list below shows ways in which we will try to achieve a strong working partnership with parents.


First contact between families and the nursery:

  1. Open Day – a day in the academic year, previous to admission when families are invited by Mrs Spence, Brookfield School Principal, to view the Nursery on a normal working morning, with the current intake of pupils.
  2. Open Afternoon- a session in June for new parents and their child to visit the nursery, have an opportunity to play, meet staff and find out information about our nursery. Parents receive Brookfield whole school handbook and Nursery Prospectus.
  3. Home Visit- A visit by nursery teacher to child’s home to help familiarise the child with staff. On opportunity to discuss sleep, diet etc. Teacher brings child a nursery bag filled with fun activities.
  4.  Induction – a day in September  for parents and child to visit the nursery and meet the staff to learn some practical information about the nursery and to collect the Nursery Handbook as well as SIMS Data Capture Forms and other relevant paperwork.


Continuing contact:

  1. Phone call home on first days at school to relay child’s settling in.
  2. The day to day contact by use of home/ school diary.
  3.  Arrangements can be made for more private discussions at agreed time.
  4.  Phone calls- two way process for parents and staff.
  5.  Formal parent / teacher meeting to discuss I.E.P.s in November and February.
  6.  Written report on the child’s progress at the end of the year.
  7.  Regular monthly newsletters will be issued to keep parents up to date with information   about the nursery e.g. new developments, themes being covered and ways in which parents/carers can assist child learning.


Parental involvement in activities to support the nursery:

  1. When possible, to further encourage the children’s development, parents will be asked to send in objects from home e.g. photographs, items for topic work.
  2.  Support fund-raising events.
  3.  Sharing a special interest, hobby or skill with the children and staff in the class.



Parents contributing to their own child’s learning at home:

  1. Parents talking and listening to their children.
  2. Parents sharing stories, nursery rhymes, action rhymes and number rhymes with their children.
  3. Parents helping their child to collect materials for nursery topics.
  4. The newsletter provided each month will enable parents to enhance their child’s learning at home.





  1. Staff ensure that parents feel welcome in the nursery .Through practical practice staff help parents to recognise that they care and are approachable and will deal with enquiries promptly and effectively.
  2. Parents are made aware of the aims of the nursery and encouraged to express their views about the work.
  3. Parents are given regular information on the curriculum through photographs, displays, news- letters and how it is contributing to their child’s learning and development.
  4. Parents are encouraged to contribute to the nursery through taking part in classroom activities, providing materials e.g. dressing up clothes or fund raising.


‚ÄčLiaison with others

  1. Staff members recognise the vital importance of a smooth transition from home to school and from nursery to Year 1.
  2. Year 1 teachers visit the nursery in the third term to begin to build relationships with the children.
  3. Nursey children access the foundation playground in the third term.
  4. Nursery children attend whole school events during the year when they are able.
  5. Parents are given verbal and written information on the children’s progress.