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Home School Liaison

At Brookfield we seek to promote real and on-going communication between home and school as a vital component of each child developing his/her potential.


We have an open-door policy to support parents, ensure good communication and a positive home-school partnership.  At times you may wish to share your concerns with a member of staff in school, perhaps to seek support for your child.


The teacher responsible for Home-School Liaison is Mrs Milligan (Vice-Principal). Mrs Milligan can provide a listening ear, support, practical advice about homework, behaviour, positive parenting and information about other available services.


Mrs Milligan also organises a number of parent/family workshops during the school year, to address areas frequently raised by parents. We would encourage you to attend these, if possible.

If you would like to speak with Mrs Milligan about any concerns you have, you may…

  • Phone Mrs Milligan at school
  • Arrange to meet her in school
  • Arrange a home visit