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When your child receives a place at our Nursery families are offered a home visit. A teacher will visit you and your child at home. This is an opportunity to share information about your child in order to help them settle into Nursery. Soon after this there will be a FUN AFTERNOON. This is an opportunity for you and your child to come and look around the Nursery and meet all the staff.


This is an excellent opportunity for you to take photos of your child in nursery. You will be able to talk about them during the summer holidays which will make the transition to Nursery a less anxious experience.





Settling into Nursery is an important time for young children and their families. For some children this will be the first time they may have been left with another person and often the first time they have been left in a larger environment. At Brookfield Nursery we aim to make this process as smooth as possible.


All children and families are unique and as such their individual needs are taken into account throughout the settling in process. After your child’s home visit and fun afternoon visit to nursery we encourage you to talk to your child in a positive way about going to nursery. We have provided each child with an activity bag to show them that nursery will be a fun and happy place to be. In your child’s activity bag we have included a count- down calendar in preparation for their start. Children’s entry into nursery is staggered to enable staff to spend time welcoming and settling new children.


We hope that by working with parents/carers we can provide the best possible start for your child’s entry into nursery, laying firm foundations for the future