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Speech Therapy

The Speech and Language Therapy Team in Brookfield work alongside teachers and classroom assistants and parents.  A number of therapy approaches are offered depending on the needs of the children.  Some children receive one to one therapy or small group sessions.  Class groups are carried out throughout the school.  Training sessions are offered to staff and family members to help develop the skills of those who work with and live with children affected by communication difficulties.  The speech and language therapy team comprises of speech and language therapists and a speech and language therapy assistant.  We are pleased to respond to any queries parents may have at any stage and try to offer meetings with parents throughout the year.   A home visit is carried out for children who require speech and language therapy before starting Brookfield.


Occupational Therapy

Our school is supported by OT who visit school once a week. Advice is shared and acted upon as appropriate. The OT will contact parents as appropriate and support pupils in any way possible within their remit.

OT may arrange for one to one meetings with parents and referrals to the OT service is facilitated by school if required.