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School Day

A Typical School Day
Your child will be very busy!

This is a brief guide to let you know what your child is up to.


8.40-9.00a.m. Pupils arrive and are supervised as they travel to their classroom where they complete supervised tasks.
9.15-10.30a.m. Pupils work within their class on core curricular areas related to their age and key stage.
10.30-11.00a.m. Pupils eat their break with their peers supervised by their teacher.
10.45-11.00a.m. Pupils are supervised during outside play in their appropriate playgrounds. Pupils choose what area they wish to play in.

Pupils continue with core curricular areas.


Lunch for Nursery – base 6 including outside play.

Bases 7-14 continue with their curricular based work.


Lunch for Bases 7-14 including outside play.

Bases 1-6 continue with their class activities and prepare for home.

1.45 – 2.55p.m.

Nursery and Bases 1-6 move to transport

Bases 7-14 begin their afternoon activities which may or may not be with their class teacher.


Pupils may also be involved in swimming, P.E., LX Gymnastics, Donkey Sanctuary, Eco Council activities, School Council activities, sensory classroom, library, cycling proficiency, choir, football club and therapies. There various activities will be explained on ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening.

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Teachers will use the home-school diary as necessary. Please understand that not every activity your child does throughout the day can be noted or commented on due to time constraints.