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Who's Who

Principal                                      Mrs B. Spence

Vice-Principal                             Mrs H. Milligan


School Leadership Team

Nursery                                         Mrs A. Donnelly

Foundation                                   Mrs M. McKee

Key Stage One                             Mrs A. Cochrane

Key Stage Two                             Miss A. Greer

Learning Support                          Mrs E. Honeyford

Coordinator (LSC)/ Assessment                               


Teachers 2021-22



Nursery                                  Mrs A.Donnelly


Base 1                                    Mrs McKee

Base 2                                    Mrs Smith

Base 3                                    Miss Galbraith

Base 4                                    Miss Wright 

Base 5                                    Mrs Galloway

Key Stage One

Base 6                                    Mrs Devine

Base 7                                    Mrs Cochrane

Base 8                                    Mrs Gilmour

Base 9                                    Mrs Douglas/ Miss Mallon

Base 10                                 Miss Millar

Base 11                                 Mrs Hannigan

Key Stage 2

Base 12                                 Miss Browning

Base 13                                 Miss Adams 

Base 14                                 Miss Greer

Base 15                                 Mrs Armstrong

Base 16                                 Miss Clarke

Base 17                                 Mrs Honeyford

Base 18                                 Mrs Bowles


Each class is supported very effectively by a range of classroom assistants and general assistants.


Executive office

Mrs C. McCormick

Senior Clerical Officer

Mrs Julie Fletcher



Mr Brush

Mr Davies



G. Babb, S. McDonald, P.Cain, C. Dornan


Dining Staff

E. Keown

D. Geough